I feel great and it’s the direct result of your Runners Yoga program. Of this I am certain.

The following letter almost brought tears to my eyes. (Okay … it did.) This guy is some kind of determined. And also incredibly inspirational. Especially if you’re injured and wondering if you’ll be able to run again. I’m deeply honored that the Runners Yoga Program might have played some small role in what he’s accomplished. – Van

Letter Begins …


I thought I’d drop you an email letting you know how pleased I am with Runners Yoga after purchasing December 30, 2013.

First, a little background information.

I had torn my left hamstring (with avulsion) on September 30, 2012, while running at night and tripping over a sign stub along a sidewalk. Thinking it was only a hamstring pull during the weeks/months that followed I continued running at a slower pace to allow it to heal. You know we don’t want to STOP running! I was swimming and biking as well.

With the hamstring failing to heal after ~2 months I finally went to the doctor who took CT scans and diagnosed a torn hamstring with an avulsion. He recommended surgery, but I requested a more conservative approach, and it was agreed I would undergo physical therapy. After a month or so of P.T. I’m still not making what I consider to be adequate progress. Of course, the Physical Therapist is telling me that I’m not making progress because I continue to run. This I know. But, hey, if I rest I rust. After all, I am swimming and biking so I’m not subjecting my hamstring to the regular pounding it’s used to on a daily basis. It is getting rest.

Finally I find myself at the end of 2013 and I’m still suffering from pain in the left hamstring after P.T., Tai Chi, stretching, swimming, biking, full body SEAL PT calisthenic workouts every other day, and doing my run/walks. AND I’M STILL SUFFERING FROM PAIN IN MY LEFT HAMSTRING!

At this point I haven’t been able to run a race since a 101K ultra on May 12, 2012. I did not run a race or compete in a triathlon during the entire year of 2013! I’m totally bummed out.

Then, in December 2013, while on vacation, just when I needed it the most, I receive an email from my online triathlon club, Endurance Nation, announcing that there is a special deal available for the club for Runners Yoga. I go to your website and read all about it. It sounds absolutely perfect for my situation so I sign up for what sounds like the perfect prescription to get me back to my peak performance. The rest is history.

This year I have completed the Sevilla, Spain, marathon in February 2014 (an easy 4:55 with 3 friends, but I’ll take it) and last weekend I finished the Madrid, Spain Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, which is hilly, in 2:01. I feel great and it’s the direct result of your Runners Yoga program. Of this I am certain. (Ed. Our bolds)

Since January 2014 I’ve consistently done the Runners Yoga routine at 0530 Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before work. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I do my “SEAL PT” full body workout, which, by the way, is also a 30-minute routine. Sunday is a day of rest. And I’m back to running my hour a day at lunch 5 days a week pain-free, with long runs on Saturdays. I feel fantastic! Better than I felt before my torn hamstring. Thank you for putting together such an outstanding program. The professional quality of your program is second to none. Of special note, is the attention to detail in your audio production. It couldn’t have been an easy task. You have produced a winner. Well done, Van.

Thank you!


Jay B.

– Letter Ends –