“The Complete 30-Minute Home Practice Yoga Program for Runners (and other athletes!)”

WARNING: This is NOT another follow-along yoga video.

It is a complete multi-media Instructional Program that teaches you how to safely do the 30-minute routine on your own – when it best fits YOUR schedule – using the revolutionary audio recording.

Runners Yoga Cover ShotsRunner’s Yoga Program
*Visual depiction of digital material.

Hi there!

My name is Van Clayton Powel and I’ve taught yoga to thousands of people. From Olympic Champions and Coaches, to grandparents with back problems. And over the years I noticed something:

As great as you’ll feel when you practice yoga (Provided you’re taught properly!), most people stop practicing for one simple reason – they just don’t have enough time in their busy schedule.

So even though yoga will do some amazing things for you:
Improve your range of motion and athletic performance.

Heal old injuries.

Make you calmer, stronger, and more confident.

Help you dramatically cut down on visits to the Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, or Massage Therapist
… you probably won’t do it.

So what’s the solution? That’s what I wondered. And it’s a quest that took me around the world.

Dramatically increase your FLEXIBILITY.


Improve your BALANCE and POSTURE.

Burn FAT.

Get a healthy CARDIOVASCULAR workout.

STRENGTHEN and TONE every major muscle in your body.

Improve your MENTAL FOCUS and literally melt away STRESS.
60-Day Guarantee

My studies took me from Martial Arts studios in Japan, to Masters of ancient techniques in India. From the frontline trenches of the Western medical system, to studies with some of the world’s finest yoga instructors.

Until finally (after 30 years!) I knew I had it – One Short Routine that:

Checkmark Will easily fit into your busiest schedule.
Checkmark Is practical enough for you to do almost anywhere.
(No video monitor, no special equipment, no studio or gym required.)
Checkmark Works your whole body head-to-toe.
(Flexibility, strength, balance and Core work … all at the same time!)
Checkmark Literally melts away stress and calms your mind.
A program so effective, so ‘user-friendly’ you can (and according to research,
probably will) make it a regular part of your fitness program for the rest of your life!
Now please be clear,
The Runner’s Yoga Program is not another yoga DVD.

(*In fact, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do yoga to a video,
and you’ll learn why in a few moments.)

Instead, it is a COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM in digital format that
you can download minutes from now:

Runner’s Yoga Program
*Visual depiction of digital material.
A comprehensive set of audio-visual modules that take you step-by-step, literally second-by-second, through every single movement of this amazing 30-minute routine.

So that whether you’re an absolute beginner … or an experienced ‘yogi’ … you’ll learn to do it safely on your own.

And then, whenever and wherever you want, all you’ll have to do is follow along as the Proprietary Audio Recording guides you through every second of every move with:

Soothing Crystal-Clear Directions.

A remarkable Rhythmic Beat (More on that in a minute!)

Soft chimes signaling every inhale and exhale of your *Core Breathing.

Runner’s Yoga Audio Recording

*You’ll quickly learn CORE BREATHING in module #2. It has been used by Martial Artists and Monks in Asia for generations and research recently confirmed its ability to dramatically improve lung function and automatically turn off the body’s stress response at the same time! (One of the reasons
it is now being used by Olympic Champions and World-Class Athletes.)

In 30 minutes you’ll balance, stretch, and strengthen your whole body!

No more – “How do I open my hips?” or
“What’s the best stretch for tight hamstrings?” or
“How can I work my core muscles?”
You’ll do it all at once – treating your body like the ECOSYSTEM it is!

And you’ll calm and focus your mind at the same time … finishing clear, refreshed, and ready to perform at your highest level.

You’ll even save $money$ (and time!) as your aches, pains and injuries disappear, allowing you to cut down on appointments with doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors.
So why is it called Runner’s Yoga?
If “It’s not just for runners!”

Runners Yoga muscle man

Well, one of the things I noticed over my many years of teaching yoga is how frequently my running students are injured. According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, almost 70% of runners will be injured. And in my experience, there are two main reasons.

FIRST, it’s because of the incredible forces they’re subjected to.

The body of a 130 lb runner, for example, has to absorb over 600,000 lbs of impact every mile!

And it’s not just the lower body of the runner that’s affected. That jarring, tightening impact reverberates through the whole body, causing imbalances and tightness head-to-toe and leading a host of common injuries in runners.

The SECOND reason is the intense “Type-A” approach that many runners are notorious for.

This stressful, I’M-NOT-WORKING-HARD-ENOUGH approach tends to disconnect runners from the messages from their bodies – a leading cause of over-training and injury. In some cases this disconnect is so pronounced that runners will actually run themselves into fatal heart attacks!

It was easy for me to recognize these two primary causes of injuries in runners … because I experienced them myself! (Two knee operations, hamstring pop, multiple calf muscle tears, Achilles’ Tendon strains, etc, etc.)

Which meant it was also easy for me with my background to recognize that yoga is the most powerful solution. For both problems – physical and mental.

Not only does yoga give you a balanced, flexible body that performs better (see ‘Range of Motion’ below) and is much less prone to injury. But doing yoga has a profound effect on your MENTAL ATTITUDE as well. And any athlete (or therapist!) will tell you how important that is!

The problem is, Most Runners (and the rest of us!)
don’t have enough time to get to classes regularly.
Clock on Back

I mean, add it up – How long does it actually take you to go do that workout or yoga class? Including travel, parking, changing, etc.

About the only people I know who can find that much time … day after day, month after month, year after year … are competitive athletes and the independently wealthy!

*Which is why the majority of us stop going to the
health club or gym two months after joining!
(*According to the industry’s own statistics.)

So when I first developed my 30-minute program (I’ll tell you why 30 minutes is so important in a moment), I knew it would be perfect for runners. And I started teaching it to them in special “Runner’s Yoga Workshops”. (Which is how it came to be called ‘Runner’s Yoga’.)

The result? Runners loved it! (And so did their physiotherapists!)

Then something interesting happenned. PEOPLE WHO AREN’T RUNNERS (even people who hate running), discovered that everything my Runner’s Yoga Program does for runners’ bodies … it will do for you!

Busy Moms … People with Injuries … Snowboarders …Business Executives … Martial Artists … Mountain Bike Riders – they all found the Runner’s Yoga Program to be so effective. So practical. That they started making it a part of their lives.

Family Stretch

And why not? One short routine that will help you stay fit and healthy, physically and mentally, for the rest of your life. A routine that is safe enough for beginners. Yet full of challenging options for the fittest athlete.

And now, for the very first time, you can have the exact same program I teach in workshops (plus some great bonuses!) in a format that will allow you to get started minutes from now -even if you’re halfway around the world and it’s 2 o’clock in the morning!

So why 30 minutes?

Years ago I came across a study that looked at people who lost fifty pounds or more. And most importantly, kept it off for more than five years. A pretty incredible feat, since most people who lose that amount soon gain back even more.

Naturally, the researchers wanted to know what these people had done differently. And one of the things they found was that each of the successful participants had found an exercise routine they could do in about 30 minutes. All-inclusive. From start to finish.

As a result, each one of them practiced their short exercise routine regularly – in some cases daily – year after year after year. No ‘Yo-Yo dieting’. No Yo-Yo fitness! They got long-term benefits … the healthiest approach.

I realized this was a key aspect to what I was trying to create. And since I’d already designed a number of my own yoga programs, I took them out and started to experiment, this time with the 30-minute principle in mind. I wanted to see if I could combine the best aspects of each program into a single 30-minute routine.

It took years of testing to make sure:

RunnersYoga logo Every part of the body is stretched and strengthened.
RunnersYoga logo The poses are safe enough for almost anyone to do.
RunnersYoga logo The movements and postures flow together with a synergy that increases overall effectiveness.
RunnersYoga logo The muscles remain warm enough at all times for safe stretching.
Until finally I had the routine I was after! Almost.

I wanted to add one more thing. The Beat.

You see, years ago I came across research that shows we enjoy some very unique benefits when we listen to the rhythm of 60 beats per minute (BPM):

beat The brain and body become alert, focused and calm.
beat Heart rate and blood pressure are lowered in people who are anxious.
beat It can dramatically accelerate learning and improve recall.

It was clear to me that the whole Runner’s Yoga routine should flow to that special meditative rhythm of 60 BPM.
So I recorded every breath, every movement, to that rhythmic beat, automatically putting your mind and body into a calm, focused state as you flow through the poses.

Synchronizing the routine this way also allowed me to ensure that each Dynamic Stretch is held for at least 30 seconds. Why? Because studies show this is optimal for INCREASING YOUR RANGE OF MOTION. And any professional athlete will tell you how important that is!
Range of Motion

“Matt Biondi, who won 7 Gold medals at the Seoul Olympics, had measurably less arm power than other members on the US swim team, but he had tremendous range of motion in his shoulders.”

Why not a video?

Quite simply, because I don’t think it’s a good idea to do yoga to a video. Here’s why:

x Possible Injury – In some positions the last thing you should be doing is turning your head to look at a video.
x Limitation – You can only do the routine where you have a TV or video monitor.
x Impaired Focus – Watching the video sends your focus out of the body, not a good thing if you’re trying to improve your body awareness and stretch safely.
x Dependence – There is a tendency to become reliant on looking at the video images to know what the pose is.
So despite some tempting offers, I passed on producing a video.Audio Recording
Instead, I went to work writing VERBAL DIRECTIONS.

Verbal directions that are so clear, calm and flowing that you can move through the routine just using the audio recording. And focus on what you’re feeling, rather than what you’re seeing.

Then finally, I put together THE INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL, recreating exactly how I teach the Runner’s Yoga Program in workshops and private sessions. Giving you:

Variations for each movement and pose so that you can find the version that works best for your body … your fitness … your flexibility.
Modern, easy-to-remember names for the poses, like ‘Coffee Table’, ‘Hood Ornament’, and ‘Body Surfer’.
Simple instructions for the remarkable CORE BREATHING technique that will have you breathing like a pro in minutes.
Runner’s Yoga Program
*Visual depiction of digital material.

Everything provided in digital format.
So that you can download it and get started immediately!

*Not to mention what it will do for your pocketbook!

Savings Over 5 Years

Click here for package details!

Here’s the material you’ll choose from:
(*For as little as $67!)

The 30-Minute Audio Recording
Audio Recording

Just load the high-quality MP3 file into your player (or burn a CD from it) and you’ll be able to do your Runner’s Yoga almost anywhere!

The special rhythmic beat sets the pace … chimes cue the inhale and exhale of your Core Breathing … and crystal-clear directions talk you through the whole 30-minute Runner’s Yoga routine.
Illustrated Manuals
Illustrated Manuals
We took over 1,000 photographs to put together these 7 Easy-to-Follow Illustrated PDF Manuals. Every second of every movement is presented, along with the mental imagery to put yourself into the correct alignment!

You’ll find you soon become your own best yoga teacher, and are flowing through the routine using just the audio recording. Includes:
Detailed options for each posture.
Powerful Breathing Techniques. (Including Core Breathing.)
A fascinating look at the science (both Eastern and Western) behind what you’re doing.
Video Files

Movie Files

These instructional video files (optional) coordinate perfectly with the Illustrated Manuals. They show each movement and posture meticulously broken down into its components as I describe the variations for you to try.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced athlete, you’ll appreciate the:

Clear, simple instructions.
Short, convenient sessions.(10-22 minutes each.)
Fast-forward preview of each section of moves you’re about to learn.
Detailed breakdown of all the options for different levels of fitness and flexibility.

StarPractice Cards (2)Practice Cards

The complete Runner’s Yoga routine, pose-by-pose, in 8X11 pdf format. Great visual aids to help you learn and practice the routine. Print them up back-to-back and you have the whole routine on one sheet of paper you can take anywhere. Fold them in four, they fit in your pocket. Laminate them, they’ll last forever and you can even use them to practice outdoors.

StarPractice Tips

A valuable collection of practical tips from a variety of sources – yoga, martial arts, fitness training, etc. – that will help you take your Runner’s Yoga to the next level.


A concise illustrated look at the biomechanics, physiology, and benefits of each individual pose in the Runner’s Yoga routine. Which muscles are being stretched? Which body systems stimulated? What does yoga theory say? What is the view of western physiotherapy?

Personal Practice Program
Practice Program

With this proven system you’ll quickly design a practice routine you’ll actually stick with!
(Often the hardest part of any new routine.)

Use the simple Template and in minutes you’ll know:

When and where will be the best time and place for YOU to do your Runner’s Yoga.
Specific, realistic goals for how often you want to practice.
Exciting rewards that will help you meet those goals.
An incredibly effective tool that can help you make Runner’s Yoga a regular part of your life for years to come!
10-Minute Refresh
10-Minute-Refresh Recording

Beautiful imagery, resonant tones, and a wonderfully soothing voice quickly take you into a deep state of relaxation.

Use this recording any time of day or night and like a team taking a time-out, you’ll come back refreshed and recharged.

(*Only available with the Elite Package.)

And to make sure you’ve got nothing to lose,
I give a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

60-Day Guarantee

Yup – you can try it out for almost 2 months.
And if you find it’s not for you, just let me know
and I’ll give you back every penny.

So click below to see how much you can SAVE when you choose your Runner’s Yoga package during our

Gold Platinum Platinum-Elite
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Read through the TESTIMONIALS on the right to see why it has been called “The world’s most advanced home-fitness program.”

And check out the SCREENSHOTS and DETAILS on the ORDER PAGE for more information.

If you have any other questions, try the FAQ or Blog. And please, let me know if I can help in any way. I use every single part of the Runner’s Yoga Program myself and I’d love to help you get started.

See you out there!

Van Clayton Powel handstand

Van Clayton Powel
Creator, Runner’s Yoga Program
(Celebrating his 50th birthday with a handstand in the Himalayas.)
Click here for more info about Van
PS For a limited time I’m offering 30-Minute Private Phone Consultations in the Platinum-Elite Package. (I’ll phone you, wherever you are in the world.) Naturally, I have to restrict the number of these I can do. *So please note that this package will not always be available on the ORDER page.

PPS Each package also includes FREE access to any future updates I make to the material.
(e.g. I just finished a new version of Illustrated Manual #1. It is already part of your package. But it will also be sent to every customer who purchased Runner’s Yoga previously.)

Any personal information you provide us with is kept in complete confidence
and will not be sold or distributed to any other source.


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What Others Say:
Runner’s Yoga_Runner’s Yoga
“The Runner’s Yoga Program is a great complement to any training program.”
Lynn Kanuka, Olympic Bronze Medal 3,000 Meters, SportMedBC Program Coordinator

“I really like having the audio recording. I’ve tried videos before and find I get twisted up like a pretzel. This is much better.

I’m using the Core Breathing when I run, too, and it keeps me very relaxed.”
Meghan O, Vancouver

“I find it really easy to follow the audio recording. It’s a great way for runners to stretch tight muscles and work on proprioceptor and core stability.”
Val Burke, Exercise Physiologist and Endurance Training Specialist

“I have resisted doing yoga for many years because I thought I didn’t have time to do a daily routine of running, crunches, push-ups AND Yoga.

But Van has put together an incredibly efficient and quick routine that is very easy to follow and works on almost every aspect of fitness – strength, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility.

I would recommend it to all runners to round out your fitness program and help prevent injuries.”
Kevin Titus
Ultra Marathon Record Holder

“It’s perfect! As the mother of a one-year old, thirty minutes is often all the time I can get.”
Jennifer H. (U.S.)

Click here
to see the material
you’ll choose from
for as little as $67!

“I’ve noticed a big improvement in my shoulder injury and abdominal strength.”
Adam Hill, Mountain Bike, Paragliding and Trekking Guide, Nepal

“A perfect combination of dynamic stretching, strengthening and movement control …
a culmination of proven tools to achieve balance both physically
and mentally.”
A. McLean, MSc., Physiotherapist

“I was surprised at how much you can cover in a half hour.”

“Now that I’ve been doing it for a couple weeks and know the routine better,
I’m finding the beat is a wonderful way to get into the breathing and flow.
Very nice.”
A.L. (UK)

“The Runner’s Yoga Program has been great for my mountain bike riding. I’ve found it has improved my balance, my awareness and my overall strength, especially my upper body strength, which is so important to riding.

And of course it has been fantastic for keeping me flexible. I love my Runner’s Yoga – it’s fun, fast and efficient. A perfect fit for my hectic life style.”
U. Scherer, Former BC Mountain Bike Champion &
“Test of Metal” Winner

Runner’s Yoga
“The Runner’s Yoga Program has dramatically changed the way I run. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I went for a 27 km run early on Sunday morning and I used the Core Breathing. Took me a little bit of time at the beginning to get into the rhythm, but after that I was surprised at how calm I felt throughout the run.”
D Suzuki, Registered Kinesiologist, Marathoner

“I’m using the breathing technique you taught me in the start gate. It’s great.”
Britt Janyk
Canadian National Ski Team

Click Here

“I find it a fantastic way to keep in shape while
away on trips.”
L. Zatloukal
Marketing Executive, U.K.

Runner’s Yoga
“Using the Runner’s Yoga Program 3-4 days a week is keeping me injury free. And it’s keeping all the aches and pains of my old injuries away. That’s a BIG deal to me as a martial artist.

Not to mention that I’m saving a ton of money I would have spent on physio and massage or acupuncture. I’m convinced this is the world’s most advanced home-fitness program. Thank you!”
N Tropp, 6th Degree Black Belt (TaeKwon Do, HwaRang Do), Masters Public Health,
E.R Physician Assistant

Runner’s Yoga
“I really like the Runner’s Yoga routine. It improved my balance a lot and that gave me so much more confidence in my riding.

I use the Core Breathing
technique too and it’s really good to keep my focus and awareness. Even for my speed and power I like this yoga.”
Akane Saito, Former member Japan National Snowboard Team

“It is like my meditation…takes my mind off anything I am thinking of. Honestly, it has been
my savior…”
C.H. (Australia)

Click Here

“It stretches all the things that hurt. It’s perfect.”
Bridgette (Vancouver)

“I hate running but I really like this yoga! I love the beat. It helps calm my mind and keep me focused.

And I’m quite surprised that I’m actually doing the routine on my own. I’ve tried all kinds of videos and other things but never stick with it. This one I’m doing.

I think your voice really helps, too. It’s very soothing.”
Marilyn C.

“Hey Van, just wanted to let you know that I have finally made time to go through
all the movie files and they are awesome!

I feel like I am back in class with you! These have reminded me of just how thorough you are as a teacher.

I can’t wait to be confidently doing my 30 minute sequence (I am definitely a bit rusty!! and out of shape right now) not for long though… all the best…”
Sue Carmody, SusanCarmodyPhotography.com

“Great program! I got so much out of it and think that you have a very unique and wonderful way of teaching.

I’ve noticed a big difference in my posture and my awareness of how I hold myself. Thank you!”
Narelle D, Marketing Manager (Australia)

“Was looking for a practical, efficient routine, short enough to be doable – totally met and exceeded my expectations.”

Runner’s Yoga
“After participating in a wide variety of yoga classes, I have to let you know that your teaching style is the best I’ve experienced.

My 3-year practice with you improved my balance, flexibility, overall health, and eliminated a couple chronic conditions I had. Even now, seven years later, what I gained by following your teaching has stuck with me.”
Troy Assaly, I.T. Business Owner (resortac.com)

“It sure did help my running. Holy cow!”
Richard T, Canada

“Thank you! I really like how easy you made it easy
with the planner to continue on with Runner’s Yoga.”
DP, Vancouver

“It gets better and better. Even after a few sessions I started to feel it already.
As I do it more I can make it more intense.”
C.C. (Denmark)

“I use the audio recording a lot. It’s the perfect amount of time and works all the spots that need it.”
D. Den Duyf

“In his Runner’s Yoga, Van has succeeded in creating an effective and balanced workout that should improve athletic performance and help reduce the risk of injury.

Using the principles and postures of yoga, this 30-minute regimen blends strengthening and stretching exercises with balance and breath control that enhances and enriches the body, mind and spirit.”
J Rogers, Physiotherapist

“The half hour flies by.”

“Excellently organized and researched. Anyone who is serious about overall health and fitness should try this program.”
Luci B.

“Excellent, dynamic teacher.”
TJ, Vancouver

“Van’s approach to yoga is not only inspiring but more
importantly it is safe and without ego. He promotes
yoga for the individual, always ensuring that each student is at a place that is right for them.

Whether you’re young or old, an athlete or an academic, I would highly recommend any of Van’s programs. You will walk away empowered and inspired with a new outlook on the world of yoga and what it can bring you.”
Nicole Thomas, Business Owner